Our Services

24 Hour Towing, Recovery and Emergency Road Service

■Air Conditioning
■Bus Repairs
■Dry Bulk Trailer Repairs
■Frame, Alignment & Suspension
■General Trailer Repairs
■General Truck Repairs
■Load Shifts
■Mobile Fueling
■Mobile Repair Service
■Preventive Maintenance
■Radiator & Cooling
■RV Repairs and Service
■Secure Vehicle Storage
■Transmission & Drive Line
■Van Body
■Vehicle Inspections - Trailer
■Vehicle Inspections - Truck

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Midwest Truck Sales & Service, Inc.

Need a lift? We can help with that!

Need truck or trailer repairs? We can help with that!

Need road service? We can help with that!

We have computer diagnostic equipment for those nasty check engine lights!

We have heavy duty recovery and towing. We also have air cushions

for lifting overturned trucks and trailers!

Our newest truck is pictured above, it is a 50 ton rolling rotator.

We have the capabilities to lift, unload, and set many things besides ​trucks!

​So, what can Midwest Truck do for you????  

Shop hours 8:00 a.m. to 4:30  p.m. Monday - Friday


​(573) 335-8683 24 hrs.